Let’s get eco!



Free Cerveza’s primary focus has always been to be as eco-friendly as possible. We have been utilising eco toilets, a grey-water system, LED lighting, sustainable gardening and a compost system in an effort to leave a positive footprint on the property and that big, beautiful lake. 

But, we’re always trying to do more. So we recently collaborated with our friends at Atitlan Organics who run a successful permaculture farm in Tzunana, one of the villages on Lake Atitlan.

What is permaculture? It is the idea of creating self-sufficient and sustainable ecological systems. It also includes the idea of utilising as much as possible out of what we consume and reducing our waste as much as possible. 

We brought the awesome team in from Tzununa to evaluate our current eco processes on the property and they identified three areas of improvement for us:


1. Food compost:

Although, we have been composting all of our food, there were still some areas that we could improve on throughout the process!

  • Atitlan Organics helped us construct new composting areas to get a better decomposition - mixing in sawdust which provides the necessary carbon required to effectively decompose food. This process generates a bunch of heat and creates a liquid bi-product perfect for the nourishment of our beautiful garden. This also reduces the food compost to a quarter of the size!

  • After a few months - the reduced compost is moved to another newly created ‘finishing area’ where we have worms that work hard to further compost our food into a very fertile soil that we can use for our food garden.



2. The garden:

Our awesome veggie garden is in the beginning stages, but we’ll be working together to create a sustainable salad, herb and medicinal garden for our restaurant. 



3. Eco toilets:

We’ll be focusing on taking our composting toilets to the next level and introducing a flushing system with leach fields. This a specialized draining system that will help create super fertile dirt to grow some beautiful plants and help clean the lake water! Our leach field is going to be filled with water loving tropical plants to create an oasis garden at the shore of the lake. Since we’ll be using lake water to run the flushing system, the leach fields will filter the water returning it to the lake cleaner than when it started. 

Although, this is just the beginning of an awesome new eco project for Free Cerveza - it’s fantastic to know that we can reuse our waste to grow and nourish our little piece of paradise here on Lake Atitlan! Exciting times ahead - stay tuned!


Want to learn more? Check out our friends at Atitlan Organics!

website: www.atitlanorganics.com

Instagram: @atitlanorganics

facebook: @atitlanorganics