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Who are we?

Free Cerveza is the ultimate oasis to get away from the big city bustle and let loose in a unique and secluded setting. We consider ourself somewhat of a summer camp for adults.

We’re nestled on the incredible shores of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala - complete with our own private bar & restaurant, docks to tan & swim off of, and a million and one daily and nightly activities for your enjoyment!

All of our accommodation is glamping - we have cozy tents & our open air treehouse. But don’t worry, everything is fitted out with comfy mattresses & electricity!

We love to keep our guests busy and entertained, so don’t hesitate to ask our awesome staff what activities we have lined up during your stay!



Our vision.

Free Cerveza was the brain child of a few too many cervezas and a wild idea that there could be a totally unique and different type of hostel experience offered.

We call ourself Free Cerveza, because we absolutely love to give away beer to our guests. Grab a welcome beer when you check in, sign up for a family style dinner and get 2 hours of free beer included, play our range of beer fueled activities and win even more beer!

Our vision was to find a way for our guests to maximize their time on the lake by bundling in all the awesome activities to create a fun filled atmosphere where people could explore the lake and make friends at the same time.



Eco practices.

One of the primary goals when setting up Free Cerveza was to ensure that the impact it made was absolutely minimal. We do this by pumping in lake water for our showers, using LED lighting, and natural cleaners - but most importantly, by utilizing our eco toilet system.

This system (although sometimes a little smelly) makes use of compost system, allowing us to fertilize our beautiful flowers and gardens. It also has a gray water element which waters our property and keeps it looking lush and green.

So in a sense, you could say we all leave a little piece of ourselves here.